What Would an Ideal City be Like ?

Sydney, Auckland and Vienna are considered as one of the world’s 10 best cities to live in according to a study by the Telegraph. The study looks at how “tolerable” it is to live in a particular place given its crime levels, quality of medical care, temperature, schools and transportations. Thus, the main factor for a city to be a liveable city is to provide all the necessities and services that people would need. However, as for me, my idea about the ideal city is different. Everyone has different criteria and different preferences.

For instance, my brother’s ideal city would be a combination of nature and electronic lifestyle. My mother’s city would be like an “educational city“ that has all the scientific components, such as equipped laboratories and big conference halls. My best friend’s city would be more similar to an “amusement park” that has lots of fun places!

As for me, my ideal city would be much more like the “Utopian City”. Utopian city is the society that possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities. Therefore, It won’t be only about its architecture or civilization but mostly about its people and their relationship with each other. People would be more polite and have manners. If person unintentionally did something wrong, they’ll always make an excuse for him. They will do the best in everything they do.They will accept each other’s opinion and will say yes if it’s the right thing without worrying about their dignity.

No harmful feelings, no stealing, no killing, no lying, no cheating. Rather, more love, more care, more respect, more honesty, more loyalty…etc. Thus, when people start doing these good manners and stop doing those bad once, that will reflect on the civilization, economy, health care and everything we would imagine and want to be in that city. If they believed that the more you make people happy, the happier they will be.

My Ideal city is like a fantasy city that I really wish to be real. But as they said, maybe “The imperfection is the perfection” !


Weekly Journals

In order to master my English skills, especially writing, and because I didn’t post anything for my blog recently. I’ll post my weekly journals that I wrote for my writing class in Language and Culture Institute – Virginia Tech.

I hope you guys like it and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to tell me.

Big thanks to my class teacher; Professor Jennifer Gooding and to my friend Bayan Mashat.