Cellphones’ Culture

Today’s post will be about Cellphones’ Culture. I hope you like it! And please don’t hesitate to give me your opinions 🙂 

In the last half decade, cell phones have become a life necessity to most of the people around the world. Even nowadays’ children will complain to their parents if they didn’t get a cell phone or some tablet in general.

This phenomenon, of depending on cell phones in everything, has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, I think all people these days are aware of them. However, they only need a feasible method to apply it in their daily life, so they can prevent its cons and improve its pros.

In my opinion, one easy solution is not depending on these applications in our daily life, especially the social media. For instance, if you have a free time and want to talk with your friend, don’t use text messaging! You can call him or even better, you can invite him to go out and meet in any place you want.

The good thing of going out is that you both will have the opportunity to make so many activities outside the “ chat box “. You will be able to communicate and bond in a very active way. If you don’t have the money to go out, home are always a great place for spending good time, and even the park.

Always try to find alternative solutions. Because if you do that, you will boost the quality of the human relationships. You will enrich your five senses. You will live and feel of every minute in this life.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use cell phones at all, but I’m implying to use it wisely and only in very important things.
Because what is life if we just kept sitting in one spot, starring in some small box and waiting for people’s like, follow, reply, or comment?