What the Earth Will Look Like In 100 Year

Many movies have been made about how the future would look like. For instance Matrix, Hunger Games and X-Men, they’re all showing that the world would be so different and scary!

As humans, and because we know ourselves, we usually think that the world would be worse than now. Maybe that’s because all of the complex technologies we have made and how it disconnects us from the simple of nature.

Since it’s imagining, I’d like to be more optimistic and say; the future would be much more beautiful and peaceful than now. People will be more aware of the environment and how to be friendly with nature. Skyscrapers will be made of glasses and it’ll have big gardens on its roofs, it’ll be brighter and greener. Cars, buses and trains will all be moving on magnetic fields. All factories will be depending on a renewable energies. Therefore, It won’t be crowded streets nor polluted air. Humans’ waste will be used as soil for plants. It won’t be so many garbage because all people will have their own recycling machines. They will be able to recycle papers and glasses, everyone will have tanks that are directly connected with rain rams, they will be able to filtrate and reuse their own water. No one will use plastic or poly chemical materials.

Everything would be organic and clean inside and outside. Hence, we can feel the life in through it! This is my idea of future, let me know what is yours?